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07/02/2017 09:31:52 Trojan Renamer: a new family of ransomware that encrypts the name of file in unCrypte@INDIA.COM and asks a ransom.
The Trojan Renamer is a new ransomware that instead of encrypt the file, it encrypts the name with the algorithm AES, making each programs inaccessible.

23/12/2016 15:05:34 In May 2016 StrongPity launched a DDoS attack on the website of  "Diyarbakir Bar Association", whose chairman the Kurdish lawyer Tahir Elci had been murdered on 28th Nov 2015 in Turkey.
Behind the StrongPity APT that hit Italy, Belgium and Turkey in the summer 2016, could be the Turkish regime.

11/12/2016 15:11:45 New version of Petya Goldeneye 4.0: the ransom got dubled for Mischa and Petya!
After several months, a new version of Petya called Goldeneye which asks for a double ransom in order to recover the ciphered MFT from Petya and for the encrypted documents by Mischa...

19/10/2016 18:53:28 Even Egypt has its ransomware: Anubis is back from next world.
New ransomware, with an exotic name Anubis, encrypts all files in the computer and rename them by adding the .coded extension.

04/10/2016 16:42:43 "Checkmate to Crypto-Malware! ..." The C.R.A.M. workshop SMAU Milano 2016 on Thursday 27th October.
The educational / informative workshop "Checkmate to Crypto-Malware! How to secure our most precious data." will take place at FieraMilanoCity pad. 4 Arena SMAU ICT2 on Thursday 27th October at 14:30.

29/09/2016 08:53:53 Kovter: malware that propagates without creating files
Kovter is malware classified as "Fileless", malware is not stored on file but on the Windows registry.

22/05/2016 10:34:32 Vir.IT eXplorer 8.x has been certified as "SILVER" software by OPSWAT!
OPSWAT, a leader company in computer security, has awarded Vir.IT eXplorer 8.x the "SILVER" certification for safe, efficient and compatible software.

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