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13/01/2014 18:49:39 How safe is really Google Play Store?
The CRAM (Anti-Malware Research Center of TG Soft) team has carried out a little study on the Android apps distribution platform by Google, discovering 9 malicious apps out of a total of 500.

06/12/2013 15:33:49 Bad news with CryptoLocker
New variant of Trojan.Win32.CryptoLocker.B that encrypt all documents and ask to pay a ransom in order to unlock their files.

02/12/2013 15:15:43 Trojan.Win32.Banker.ZK: steal banking, FTP and email credentials
Continue the development of Zeus Trojan Banker that can steal our home banking login credentials!

08/11/2013 12:13:26 Discovered the first Android malware that uses SMTP!
The CRAM team has recently come across a small but nasty Android malware which tries to prompt the user to enable Device Administrator in order to spy the incoming SMS messages and forwards them via email.

21/10/2013 09:58:19 Discovered a new malware for Android which subscribes its victims to paid services via SMS!
Last week the CRAM (Anti-Malware Research Center of TG Soft) team has discovered a new piece of malware for Android which tries to subscribe the user to paid services automatically answering to specific SMS messages.

10/10/2013 08:35:00 After ZeroAccess and the Bitcoin mining here comes the Trojan.Win32.Agent.EDM with Litecoin mining
By analyzing the flow of infections actually circulating, the CRAM (Anti-Malware Research Centre) has identified a  new miner dedicated to Litecoin mining.

08/10/2013 14:43:40 ZitMo for Android: Analysis of a Man-in-the-Mobile attack!
The CRAM (Anti-Malware Research Center of TG Soft) team analyzes the Android versions of the ZitMo Trojan, which works alongside the ZeuS banking Trojan in order to steal money from victims' bank accounts.

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