Privacy Policy

The terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) apply to any information that TG Soft (the “Right Holder”) receives and/or may receive about physical/legal entities or individual business persons constituting the users/visitors (the “User”) of any of the websites, services, subscriptions, computer programs and their components as cloud scanning, or other products of TG Soft (the “Services”) during the course of the User using (or in connection with the User using) the Services.

1) The User unconditionally and entirely accepts the terms and conditions of the Policy as soon as he or she starts using the Services. If the User disagrees with the Policy or with any of its terms and conditions, he or she has no right to use the Services.

2) Information about Users that the Right Holder receives and/or may receive and process:

  • 2.1) Information and data provided by the User (e.g., when registering/creating a user account or while using the Services), including but not limited to the User's personal data and comments he or she has made while using the Services. The Right Holder assumes that the User is providing reliable information.
  • 2.2) Information that, while the User is using the Services, is automatically transmitted to the Right Holder by the User's devices through the software installed on those devices. Such information includes but is not limited to: the User's IP address, the User's browser and OS, the IP address requested by the User while using an Internet resource, the time of that request, file for analysis.

3) The Right Holder's reasons for receiving (collecting) and processing the information mentioned in clauses 2.1 and 2.2 of this Policy (the “Information”):

  • 3.1) The Right Holder receives and processes the Information needed in order to provide the Services, develop and improve products and/or Services, and execute agreements and contracts. The Information is also used to interact with the User during consultations with the Right Holder's technical support, and also during other interactions with the User. The Right Holder may also ask the User to provide information about his or her computer and operating system configuration or send log and suspicious files. Such information is needed to more accurately pinpoint the problem the User has experienced as a result of using the Services and to develop the most effective recommendations for eliminating the problem.
  • 3.2) The Information is used for communicating with the User, which includes but is not limited to sending letters, notices, requests and proposals, and processing User requests and proposals. The Information may also be used to ensure the security of the Services and to monitor compliance with the licensing regulations of the Right Holder's Services, and conduct statistical and other studies. To make it easier to work with some Services, cookies are placed on User computers, which streamlines navigation through the Services.

4) The User understands and accepts that when using the Services to upload files for online antivirus scanning (cloud scanning), the full path to the uploaded files on the User's device is revealed to the Right Holder. The file uploaded can be sent in anonymous form or with user credential. The Right Holder does not distribute it to third parties, any files uploaded for online antivirus scanning (cloud scanning); such files are destroyed by the Right Holder immediately after online antivirus scanning. In the case of upload of suspicious file or malware, the file are saved in safety area in anonymous form not attributable at the User.
The User also understands and accepts that despite the fact that the Right Holder uses secure protocols for receiving/transmitting data, the content of the files uploaded for online antivirus scanning may be intercepted and read by third parties at the moment such files are uploaded (before the Right Holder receives the files) without the User's and/or the Right Holder's knowledge. Therefore, the Right Holder is not liable for the safety of the information contained in files uploaded for online antivirus scanning.

5) Conditions for processing the Information and distributing it to third parties.

  • 5.1) The Right Holder stores and processes the User's Information according to its internal regulations and current legislation of Italy.
  • 5.2) The Right Holder has the right to transfer the Information to third parties in the cases specified below:
    • a) The User has granted his or her consent for such actions;
    • b) The transfer is needed within the scope of a particular Service used by the User or to provide services to the User. This includes but is not limited to investigating potential User violations;
    • c) The transfer is stipulated by Italian or other applicable legislation under procedures established by the legislation.
  • 5.3) The User understands and accepts that the Right Holder has the right to use the Information in the Services and to use any comments posted by the User via the Services in the Right Holder's official social media groups, communities, and websites.

6) User changes to personal information.

  • 6.1) The User can at any time change, update, or supplement the personal information (in full or in part) that he or she has provided, and also change the extent to which the information is confidential by applying in writing to the Right Holder.

7) Measures taken to protect the Information.

  • 7.1) The Right Holder takes all necessary and sufficient organisational and technical measures within its control to protect the Information from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, and other illegal actions on the part of third parties.

8) Other conditions.

  • 8.1) The Right Holder has the right to change the Policy without giving prior notice to the User. A new version of the Policy comes into force as soon as it is published, unless stated otherwise by the new version of the Policy. The most current version of the Policy is always located at The laws of the Italian apply to this Policy and the relationship that arises between the User and the Right Holder as a result of this Policy being applied: d.lgs. 30 june 2003, n. 196
  • 8.2) The Right Holder's address:
    TG Soft
    Via Pitagora n. 11/B
    35030 Rubano (PD)

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