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TG Soft is pleased to announce that Vir.IT eXplorer PRO has obtained the “PLATINUM Certification” the certification issued by OPSWAT, for Anti Malware products that pass their program that tests the effectiveness of the products and their compatibility; with the access control applications of the main international suppliers.
TG Soft Cyber Security Specialist
TG Soft Cyber Security Specialist
Vir.IT eXplorer PRO, the ITALIAN Antivirus
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OPSWAT Company
OPSWAT is a leading global cybersecurity company headquartered in San Francisco, which is committed to creating a global partnership between various software, in order to ensure greater protection and compatibility for the end user and to provide the most effective cyber threat prevention technology possible. OPSWAT, a leader in the sector for sixteen years, makes available two platforms for complete IT security, issues six patents and has hundreds of partners.
Among the various utilities distributed, Metascan is a web portal that allows you to analyze files directly online, through a multi-engine platform based on the most popular antivirus software worldwide and certified by them.
At the beginning in 2021 OPSWAT published the updated list of the 35 Anti-Malware products/engines that are part of MetaDefender MAX, their sharing program to combat cyber threats, among which it has already been included by October 2012 also Vir.IT eXplorer, as you can see in the image below:
OPSWAT Certified Products
To consult the page of the official website of OPSWAT where all certified software www.opswat.com ⇢ Partners ⇢ Certification ⇢ Certified Products are reported or directly from the following link: OPSWAT certified products
On May 18th 2016 Vir.IT eXplorer, thanks to its scanning engine, was officially recognized as “SILVER certified” by OPSWAT in the Anti-Malware category. Subsequently he managed to obtain the “GOLD certified” with the Vir.IT eXplorer 8.x version and then was awarded in August 2020 with the “Platinum certified” certification by of the San Francisco IT security company OPSWAT Inc. Our AntiVirus-AntiSpyware-AntiMalware-AntiRansomware suite with version Vir.IT eXplorer 9.x has been awarded the PLATINUM certification, thus confirming that it is part of a range of anti-malware software certified as safe, efficient and compatible, their program in fact tests the effectiveness of Anti-Malware products and their compatibility with control of the accesses of the main international suppliers The ICSA Labs certification has precise and rigorous criteria: detection of 100% of viruses in the course of multiple tests developed on different parameters, including the management of the “wild list”.
Below you can consult the Partner page by TG Soft https://www.opswat.com/partners/tg-soft
VirIT eXplorer PRO OPSWAT Anti-malware PLATINUM Certification
OSPWAT Antimalware Vendors Maps
TG Soft Cyber Security Specialist thanks to its scanning engine is Tecnology Partners of OPSWAT in the following sectors:
Malware poses a major security threat to both businesses and home users, as the threat landscape is ever-changing it is important that anti-malware products are up to date. The OPSWAT Access Control Certification Program is a service that verifies the compatibility and effectiveness of next-generation anti-malware products for endpoints.
Below are the results obtained from Vir.IT eXplorer PRO, starting from 2012 when it obtained the OPSWAT certification for the first time until the last recognition in September 2020, with the 9.x version of Vir.IT eXplorer to which it is the PLATINUM Certifcation has been awarded:
OPSWAT Anti-malware PLATINUM Certification
08/07/2022 11:18:42
20/09/2021 11:49:32
03/09/2020 11:19:05
19/06/2020 09:31:53
22/05/2016 10:34:32
12/11/2012 08:50:35
Vir.IT eXplorer PRO, the Italian Antivirus
VirIT eXplorer PRO
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