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with the software

TG Soft offers in additions to the AntiVirus, AntiSpyware e AntiMalware Vir.IT eXplorer PRO software solution, a set of additional services to answers customers issues coming from new generation virus/malware infections.

Assistenza tecnica in italiano

Send suspicious file to the C.R.A.M. research team

In any moment if the user is experiencing a problem or he/she assumes to be victim of a virus or any sort of malware, trough Vir.IT eXplorer it is possible to send, in a cryptography way the suspicious file directly to the C.R.A.M. for a first analysis.

Sending the alleged virus/malware to our laboratory will let you receive an \'on-demand\' update in case the sent file is discovered to be a new type of infection.

Invia un file sospetto al C.R.A.M.
C.R.A.M. Centro Ricerche AntiMalware

C.R.A.M. researchers has started analyzing virus and malware of new generation since 1993, thus not yet detected by any other Anti-Virus vendor. At the same time every day the research team develops IT security solutions to detect and remove the infections, in the beginning with MS-DOS at 16bit and then for ALL Microsoft Windows operating system at 32bit and 64bit.

Information bulletins and monthly statistics

All the studies made by the C.R.A.M. team are periodically published on the main website and sent as information bulletins directly to the customers.

Statistiche mensili dei virus/malware realmente circolanti

Vir.IT eXplorer PRO is certified by the biggest international organisation: