TG Soft, Cyber Security Specialist that working on cyber security from 1998, is glad to introduce you Vir.IT eXplorer PRO AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, AntiMalware and AntiRansomware CryptoMalware protection suite.
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Vir.IT Lite

Vir.IT eXplorer Lite AntiVirus, AntiSpyware and AntiMalware is the FREE version of the suite Vir.IT eXplorer PRO

  • Interoperable with other AntiVirus software
  • Virus and malware removal for 60 days
  • Vir.IT Lite Monitor, which to ensure the interoperability has been suitably reduced, make available the following functionalities:
    • Automatic engine update + signatures
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Scheduler (management of scheduled scans)
    • Free submission of suspicious files to TG Soft CRAM

Vir.IT eXplorer PRO

Vir.IT eXplorer PRO is the only AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, AntiMalware and AntiRansomware software whit is own core completely developed in italy and is certified ICSA labs and VB100

VirIT Mobile Security LITE Download VirIT Mobile Security LITE

Vir.IT Mobile Security

VirIT Mobile Security is an Italian software Anti-Malware that protect Android™ devices from intrusion of Malware and other unwanted threats, and that gives the user the possibility to safeguard their privacy with an advanced heuristic approach (Permission Analyzer). You can download the LITE version for smartphone or tablet with Android™ 4.0+ connecting to the Google Play Store.

You can also upgrade to the PRO version by clicking on the [PRO Version] button in the home of the app.

C.R.A.M. AntiMalware Research Center

The objectives of the C.R.A.M. (Anti-Malware Research Center):

  • PROMOTE and SPREAD in our country the culture and awareness of IT security in all its aspects.
  • SUGGEST and PROPOSE conscious attitudes about Information Security and, in particular, which behavior user and IT consultants should take care about in order to deal with new virus/malware infections.
  • PROVIDE support about IT security to private and industry customers.
  • FOCUS on behavior methodology to deal with the C.R.A.M. team to send virus/malware or suspicious files not detected or removed by your Antivirus software.

Centro Ricerche AntiMalware
CRAM App Analyser

Vir.IT eXplorer PRO is certified by the biggest international organisation: