TG Soft Cyber Security Specialist contributed to the CLUSIT 2021 Report due out March 16, 2021

The new Report will be presented in the opening session of the Security Summit Streaming Edition on March 16, 2021, with technical input from TG Soft with a specialized analysis on Ransomware in Italy.
On Tuesday, March 16, 2021, the Clusit 2021 Report on ICT Security in Italy and in the World will be presented at the opening session of the Security Summit Streaming Edition.
Each year, the Report provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive picture of the global situation, highlighting the sectors most affected by cyber crime, the types of attacks, the most common vulnerabilities, and the organizational and economic implications. The editors of the CLUSIT Report include the best-known authors and analysts of the evolving cyber threats on the Italian scene. Among them TG Soft and in particular Gianfranco and Enrico Tonello, again this year, had the honour of making technical contributions.
CLUSIT Associazione Italiana per la Sicurezza Informatica

TG Soft Cyber Security Specialist

The CLUSIT 2021 Report begins with an overview of the most significant cyber-crime events that occurred globally in 2020.
Richiedi una copia del Rapporto Clusit 2021 che ha visto il contributo tecnico anche di TG Soft The pandemic year, as the report highlighted, records a 12 percent increase in global cyber attacks from the previous year.
The analysis of the attacks, targeted mainly through ransomware (that have seen a strong growth), sees the technical contribution of TG Soft, as a specialist of field-verified Ransomware attacks actually circulating in Italy, analyzed and studied  at our AntiMalware Research Center (C.R.A.M.).
The contribution was written by Gianfranco and Enrico Tonello, co-founders of TG Soft and co-authors of the AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, AntiMalware, AntiRansomware Vir.IT eXplorer PRO software. An extract from the CLUSIT 2021 Report, regarding TG Soft's contribution, entitled:

Back in 2018 TG Soft was commissioned to write an article for the
  Clusit  Report 2018, titled: '
Ransomware 2017 in Italy - WannaCry, NotPetya/EternalPetya, BadRabbit... but not only'.
The contribution was written as a follow-up to the study that had been published independently by Gianfranco Tonello co-founder and CEO of TG Soft, on ransomware attacks in Italy entitled  "Ransomware 2017 Italy", which analyzed the major attacks from July 2015 to February 2017.

This Research and Analysis activity by TG Soft's AntiMalware Research Center allowed Gianfranco and Enrico Tonello, as subject matter experts, to be involved by CLUSIT for the 2021 edition as well.

 Rapporto Clusit 2021 con il contributo tecnico di TG Soft  Rapporto Clusit 2021 con il contributo tecnico di TG Soft  Rapporto Clusit 2021 con il contributo tecnico di TG Soft

TG Soft Cyber Security Specialist is a CLUSIT member and Eng. Gianfranco Tonello co-founder of TG Soft is a CLUSIT lecturer and a valued editor of articles and technical analysis on malware and ransomware as well as a speaker at Webinars and conferences on these topics.
The Clusit Report 2021 will be presented on March 16 during the opening session of the Security Summit Streaming Edition from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Participation in the live streaming is free after registering online at the following link.
You can also request a copy of the full CLUSIT 2021 Report at the following link => https://clusit.it/rapporto-clusit/

Special thanks to Paolo Giudice, secretary general of Clusit and coordinator of the Clusit Report Drafting Committee since 2011, who gave TG Soft the opportunity to draft the contribution to the Clusit Report 2021 on ransomware and targeted "double extortion" attacks in Italy, entitled <<Ransomware 2020 in Italy - From "trawling" to targeted double extortion attacks... but not only>>.

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