Vir.IT eXplorer 8.x has been certified as "SILVER" software by OPSWAT!

OPSWAT, a leader company in computer security, has awarded Vir.IT eXplorer 8.x the "SILVER" certification for safe, efficient and compatible software.

TG Soft
 is proud to announce that 
Vir.IT eXplorer 8.x has been awarded the SILVER certification from the San Francisco-based security firm OPWSAT Inc., after the recognition of Vir.IT eXplorer 7.x as "BRONZE certified", thus entering the category of safe, efficient and compatible anti-malware software.

You can check OPSWAT's official website where all "SILVER certified" products are listed: www.opswat.com => Certification => Certified Products, or you can click the follwing link: "OPSWAT SILVER certified"

OPSWAT is a leader company in computer security, based in San Francisco, whose goal is to create a global software partnership in order to offer better protection and compatibility to the end user.
OPSWAT has made available various utilites, such as Metascan, a web portal which allows to scan files online, using a multi-engine platform based on most used antivirus tools and their certificates (Vir.IT eXplorer has been one of such tools since October 2012).
Logo Vir.IT eXplorer PRO in METASCAN Engine by OPSWAT
Since 18th May 2016, TG Soft's Vir.IT eXplorer has been officially certified as "SILVER" product in the anti-malware category, as can be seen by clicking the picture on the right or by visiting the following web page: OPSWAT Certified Products OPSWAT SILVER Certified 2016 Vir.IT eXplorer Anti-Malware

If you are not Vir.IT eXplorer PRO users yet, we strongly encourage you to install, together with your current anti-virus software in order to improve security on your PCs or SERVERs, Vir.IT eXplorer Lite -FREE Edition-.

Vir.IT eXplorer Lite has got the following peculiarities:
  • it can be used EVERYWHERE and FREELY with updates to the engine and signatures without time limits;
  • it is interoperable with other  AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, AntiMalware o Internet Security software already installed in the machine as integration, since it does not slow down the system or conflict with other anti-malware tools, and allows to increase chances of identification and removal of infected files;
  • it can identify and, most times, remove most of the circulating viruses/malwares, and it allows the user to send a sample to TG Soft's Research Centre (C.R.A.M.) in order to update Vir.IT eXplorer and permit a correct identification and removal;
  • thanks to Intrusion Detection technology, made available on Vir.IT eXplorer Lite too, the software can notify the user of the presence of alleged new generation viruses/malware that run at startup, and can send sample files to C.R.A.M.

Download Vir.IT eXplorer Lite from our official dedicated download page.

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P.S. Versione 7.x of Vir.IT eXplorer, back in 2012 was awarded the "BRONZE" certification by OPWSAT - please chech this bulletin for more information.

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