save an email in a folder

Salva una mail con Thunderbird

If you use Thunderbird as your mail program, here is some useful information for saving a single mail as a file on your computer. There are two methods, the first (for the more skilled with the mouse) shows how “drag” an email “out” of the mailbox mail, directly in the Desktop of your PC/SERVER, the second is the “Save as...”.

❶ “Drag'n'Drop” Method
“Grab” the suspicious email and drag it to the Desktop

Once you have located the email, “grab” it by holding down the left mouse button on it. Drag it out of Thunderbird and then release the button.
The file will be created with the name of the subject of the email being dragged.

Salva una mail con thunderbird

❷ “SAVE AS...” method
Follow 6 simple steps to save your mail

  1. Locate the e-mail and select it,
  2. click with the right mouse button (to bring up the contextual menu)
  3. select the item “save as...
Salva una mail con thunderbird
  1. locate the destination folder
  2. choose and/or confirm the name that the email will have in file format
  3. click on SAVE.
Salva una mail con thunderbird

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