Forward an email as an attachment

Salva una mail con Outlook

If you're using Outlook as your email program, here's how to FORWARD a single email as an attachment. This “Forwarding” method generates a new email whose attachment is the starting email. The importance of this operation is that it provides the recipient with the complete message in order to be able to analyze all the elements including the header. The analysis of the header allows you to find any scams (phishing) and to trace the servers involved in sending. The message forwarded as an attachment is also less exposed to the blocks that ISPs apply to servers.

Forward as attachment
Here are 6 simple steps to “Forward as attachment” your email

Locate the suspicious email:
  1. select it with a single click,
  2. click on the menu “Other”,
  3. select the option “Forward as attachment”.

  4. Invia file sospetto - Vir.IT Lite Monitor
Next screen will propose the composition of a new mail
  1. Then enter the recipient according to the following scheme:
For licensees of the suite
Vir.IT eXplorer PRO
For users of
Vir.IT eXplorer Lite
  1. check that the attachment automatically inserted by Outlook is our original email (and that we want to send to CRAM)
  2. write a brief description of the problem always specifying Holder and License Code (customers Vir.IT eXplorer PRO), or a reference to be contacted.
Invia file sospetto - Vir.IT Lite Monitor

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