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EICAR Membro SERIT - SEcurity Research in ITaly

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22/03/2016 12:08:02 Cerber the ransomware that speaks to you with the motto "What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger".
Has arrived also in Italy the talking crypto-malware Cerber, which encrypts the document files renaming them in.cerber

21/03/2016 19:19:09 New cryptomalware in action: CryptoRokku renames files with .rokku extension!
C.R.A.M. by TG Soft discovered a new cryptomalware, CryptoRokku, that renames files with .rokku extension.

15/03/2016 17:29:58 New TeslaCrypt variant found!
New TeslaCrypt 4.0 variant encrypts files without renaming them.

14/03/2016 16:44:15 Statistics viruses/malware in February 2016 in Italy
Every month C.R.A.M. TG Soft analyze circulating virus/malware in Italy.

18/02/2016 15:50:17 Statistics viruses / malware in January 2016 in Italy
Every month C.R.A.M. TG Soft analyze circulating virus/malware.

16/02/2016 15:55:39 New attack by Crypto-Malware CryptoLocky alias LockyCripter ==> RED Alarm DO NOT OPEN THOSE MAIL !!!
The C.R.A.M. TG Soft  has found a new type of Crypto-Malware called CryptoLocky alias LockyCripter that encrypts files with extension .LOCKY !!

12/02/2016 15:15:23 Found new version TeslaCrypt  3.0 that encrypts files and renames them in .mp3
Yesterday morning 11th February 2016 it was discovered a new variant of the TeslaCrypt 3.0 that, after encrypting files, renames them with .mp3

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