2023W22 Weekly report => 29/05 2K23 - 04/06 2K23 MalSpam campaigns  targeting Italy.

Malware spread through the campaigns: AgentTesla, FormBook, QakBot, Remcos, SnakeLogger, Ursnif

Weekly report by TG Soft's C.R.A.M concerning Italian malspam campaigns.

Below  the details of the campaigns massively spreaded during the week from May 29 to June 04, 2023.

In the
monitored week , global campaigns dropped slightly from the previous week. In decrease of a unit also those addressed to Italian users.

The week is characterized by Password Stealers of the Families: AgentTesla, FormBook, QakBot, Remcos, SnakeLogger and Ursnif.

The blue bar indicates the total number of campaigns monitored in Italy in each week, while the red bar concerns campaigns written in Italian (targeting Italy).

We monitored 58 campaigns this week, 12 of which used Italian as their language.

In order to understand how the various weeks are divided, below is a small table showing the breakdown of the periods considered:

from to
Week_19 08/05 14/05
Week_20 15/05 21/05
Week_21 22/05 28/05
Week_22 29/05 04/06

During the week, the peak in campaigns was found on Tuesday, May 30 with 18 different campaigns. On Wednesday, May 31, the peak was found for the Italy target with 6 campaigns, as is highlighted by the chart below:

In the graph below we see the malware families that were spread globally for each day in the week:

Instead, in this graph we see the distribution by malware family. In the past week, 10 different families were detected:

The majority of the executable samples featured this week are MSILs (C#) covering 46.56% of the malware sent via e-mail. In second place are Win32s with 20.69%.
10.34% of the samples examined were Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, ecc.).

In the picture below we can see the various
types of languages used in malware development:

In the following graph we see the distribution of the various types of languages divided by day:


In this graph we can see the malware families that were spread with target Italy (written in Italian) in the week, consisting of 6 different families:

The Italian campaigns analyzed by TG Soft's C.R.A.M. were grouped according to macro categories, obtained from the subject of the email message used for malware distribution (malspam). Below we see the subjects used in the various campaigns divided by day and type of malware.

FormBook - spread through a campaign themed "Payments".
Remcos spread through a campaign themed " "Offers".

AgentTesla - spread through a campaign themed "Orders".
QakBot - spread through a campaign themed "Various/reply-chain".

AgentTesla - spread through two campaigns, the first themed "Offers and the second themed "Various".
FormBook - spread through a campaign themed "Payments".
SnakeLogger - spread through a campaign themed "Various".
QakBot - spread through a campaign themed "Invoices".
Ursnif - spread through a campaign themed "Invoices Corriere".

QakBot - spread through a campaign themed "Reservations".
Ursnif - spread through a campaign themed "Invoices".

In the past week, the massive sending of MalSpam emails for the spread of the Emotet malware, was not detected. 

Find out if you are an Emotet target!

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