From TG Soft's CRAM the AWARENESS activities for ECSM European Cyber Security Month 2022-10

OCTOBER is the month of CYBER SECURITY, from TG Soft Cyber Security Specialist NOT only awareness but also protection tools...

ECSM European Cyber Security Month 2022

October, crowned at the European level as the month of CYBER SECURITY reaches its 10th edition this year. The ECSM campaign, organized by the European Cybersecurity Agency ENISA, includes a variety of activities, congresses, conferences and events throughout the month of October in all EU member countries to promote awareness of cyber threats among citizens and methods to counter them, to change their perceptions and provide up-to-date information on cybersecurity.

The official motto of ECSM 2022 is "Think Before U Click," the main topics that will be covered are:
  • "PHISHING" With the aim of sharing useful guidelines and tips on how to identify phishing.
  • "RANSOMWARE" to find tips and advice on how to prevent ransomware attacks.

CLUSIT Associazione Italiana per la Sicurezza Informatica
In Italy, the European Information Security Month is supported by Clusit together with a variety of organizations, universities and research centers. Like every year, TG Soft Cyber Security Specialist, a CLUSIT member, also actively participates in the ECSM, promoting cybersecurity both in terms of awareness but also in terms of concrete tools made available to the public.
This year we are especially involved  because we have always supported divulgation, outreach and awareness of cyber threats to the public, particularly with regard to the 2 themes featured in the European campaign, through:

  • the release of monthly reports on the most common PHISHING circulating in our country, providing guidance on how to recognize them in order to prevent our personal data from falling into the hands of cyber criminals.
  • In addition to the monthly campaigns on phishing, weekly CRAM AntiMalware Research Center of TG Soft makes and publishes information on malspam campaigns targeting Italy, which aim to convey RANSOMWARE, PasswordStealer, TrojanBanker and whatnot...
To prevent these attacks, it is important to know and implement some common sense practices. However when you are victim of a ransomware attack, it is crucial to defend yourself with concrete tools that can mitigate these attacks. TG Soft has always developed 100% Italian proprietary technologies capable of countering cyber attacks.
ECSM European Cyber Security Month
TG Soft Cyber Security Specialist will support the European cyber security month ECSM 2022 with initiatives.

Outreach and awareness activities:

  • Conference on " Cyber Security" organized by the Association of Engineers of the Province of Padua together with the Padua Engineers Foundation, speakers Eng. Gianfranco Tonello and Eng. Enrico Tonello co-founders of TG Soft.
  • Weekly report on malspam campaigns detected internationally with specific focus on those targeting Italy;
  • Monthly report on the most commonn Phishing attempts and how to recognize them;

Tools and technologies to counter cyber attacks:

  • Vir.IT eXplorer Lite AntiVirus-AntiSpyware-AntiMalware for Windows Client&Server, constantly updated automatically to identify real circulating cyber threats. Its peculiarity is that it can be used in conjunction with any other AV Software or Internet Security already in use on PCs and/or Servers without conflicting or slowing down the system.
  • VirIT Mobile Security Lite AntiMalware for checking the presence of threats on Devices (Smartphones and Tablets) with S.O. Android [TM].
  • HAVEiBeenEMOTET the Threat-Intelligence portal developed by TG Soft that lets you know whether an e-mail address or domain has been used in MalSpam campaigns to spread EMOTET.
Vir.IT eXplorer is internationally certified Software by the most well-known and recognized international certifying bodies, below are all the certifications obtained since 2016, which are issued monthly, bimonthly and annually:
  • Virus Bullettin Ltd (London GB), With more than 30 certifications.
  • ICSALabs International Computer Security Association (Pennsylvania US) powered Verizon Ltd, U.S. certifying body that has been verifying its effectiveness and efficiency since 2016.
  • AppEsteem (Seattle US) Releasing the recognition of AntiVirus Deceptor Fighters against Apps that are potentially
    dangerous to the end user.
  • OPSWAT (San Francisco US) of which TG Soft is a technology partner having integrated into the METASCAN platform
    its scanning engine and which has awarded Vir.IT eXplorer the highest level of Certification -PLATINUM (2022)-.
In addition, the TG Soft's CRAM is in charge of analyzing potential new threats that can be submitted for FREE from the suspicious material submission page accessible at the link: https://www.tgsoft.it/clienti/inviaFile.asp

Monday, October 03, 2022 ==> Gianfranco Tonello and Enrico Tonello speakers at the meeting on "Cyber Security."

Incontro Ordine degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Padova => Tra i relatori saranno presente anche Gianfranco Tonello ed Enrico Tonello di TG Soft.
Training/discussion meeting on the topic of "Cyber Security" organized by the Association of Engineers of the Province of Padua together with the Padua Foundation of Engineers, as part of a training project entitled "The Engineering Profession between ETHICS and VALUE."
The meeting held on Monday, October 03 at 5 p.m. featured as speakers Eng. Gianfranco Tonello and Eng. Enrico Tonello co-founders of TG Soft.
The topics covered in the meeting dealt precisely with the main themes of this year's ECSM PHISHING and RANSOMWARE.

Ransomware attacks with remote desktop access (RDP)... here are some useful tips to protect your PCs/Servers.

Sometimes business needs (and too much haste to achieve goals) can distract from what has become a global and unavoidable issue today: CYBER SECURITY.
More and more users need technologies that allow them to work and access data and programs remotely. Especially thanks to the spread of CLOUD systems, and to the Covid-19 health emergency, many working realities have had to reorganize their working habits by introducing SMARTWORKING. These needs expose to cyber attacks by CyberCriminals.

rdpIn fact, attacks persist with remote desktop access (RDP) to PCs/Servers to convey Ransomware/CryptoMalware suitable for encrypting files for ransom purposes.
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a remote management protocol developed by Microsoft and found in all Windows® Operating Systems used for remote PC/Server management that, if not configured properly, can be exploited as a point of attack.

The analysis carried out by TG Soft's C.R.A.M. found that in these types of attacks, gross errors are often made in the configuration of the affected machines that help the success of the attack. We invite you to follow the advice of our technical experts=>Ransomware attacks with RDP access breaches continue..

Weekly report of Italian malspam campaigns by TG Soft's C.R.A.M.

Consulta il report settimanale del C.R.A.M.Our C.R.A.M. (AntiMalware Research Center) at TG Soft analyzes the malspam campaigns actually circulating in Italy on a weekly basis, so users can stay up-to-date on the threats they might encounter and avoid falling into the trap of these cyber criminals. For more information and insights into the most prevalent threats, we invite you to check out our news =>2022W39 Weekly report => 26/09 2K22 - 02/10 2K22 campaigns MalSpam target Italy

Find out the most common phishing attempts you might encounter and, with a little care, even avoid...

Consulta l'informativa mensile del PhishingTo keep our users up-to-date, every month we publish a disclosure on the most common Phishing attempts, detected by TG Soft's AntiMalware Research Center. These emails are intended to trick some unfortunate people into providing sensitive data, such as bank account information, credit card codes, or personal login credentials, with all the possible consequences easily imaginable.
We urge you NOT to be fooled by these types of e-mails...
For more details, see our reports:

06/09/2022 - Phishing: most widespread credential theft attempts in September 2022...


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